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I am and embody many things, but being a daughter is something I have not felt in a while. Partly due to the distance between my parents and me and some created by growing pains, responsibilities, and overall lost-ness.

In my quest for attaining motherhood, that part of me had been chipped off to an unbearable morphology. I have put so much pressure on myself and an undue burden on becoming a MULTIPLICATOR — a prospective factor — that I forgot what it was like to be a PRODUCT — a retrospective invariant.

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I am, indeed, a product of two wholes — the Originators. The male Originator — feral with an insane zest for life, the life of the party, fiercely loyal to those he loves, and often largely misunderstood. The female one — the motherlode — domesticated, she who does not announce her strength to the world; you’d have to move closer to glean and bask in her ever-shining radiance; prayer warrior, anointing oil-wielding Ninja, quick to dish out advice, and muted by some life experiences.

These two wholes birthed me and while being a product of their diametrically opposing personalities, I birthed a third kind — my own spunkiness; the Mo’ssence — one that I hope will be someday be permutated in my progenies making their own multiples of wholes.

My mother is here with me, visiting from Nigeria for a few weeks. Her arrival, like a fortuitous omen, has lightened some burden off me — a timely salve in the light of the past few episodes of my story I shared on my show. I have so much freedom in her presence and I am giddy like a child once again. While she is here, I will let her know my hurts, aches, and learn from her on how to take solace in the bosom of the matrilineal strength.

In turn, I will explore her needs, missed expectations (if any), and wild hopes and dreams for his errant and wayward child of hers.

Together, she and I will heal and raise each other up, cleaning rots, creating deep trenches of healthy pathways of open communication. So help me God. So help her, God. So help us, God.

사랑하는 엄마, 환영합니다.
Máàmi, ẹ kàábọ́.
Welcome home, mother!

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I'm ME: replete with the mien of a bard, scholar, Argonaut, Jesus-lover, funfinder, bibliophile, Koreanophile, partner, and wanderer!

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