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My experience at the Legend Hotel Lagos Airport #LegendLiving

I was back home recently — to Lagos, Nigeria, for the holidays, mostly. It’s always nice to visit home, see family, and soak in all of the changes Lagos has experienced since I have been away. Because every time I go back home, it’s like you are entering a new season of a popular series.

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Hurry Up!

And this time around, it was no different. Mainly because of the many fun activities I engaged in, specifically getting the opportunity to get a two-night all-inclusive stay at the prominent and luxurious Legend Hotel in Lagos.

Before my trip, I had the great opportunity to bring the General Manager of the hotel — Mr. Peter Idoko, on my show. I should add here that this is one of the perks of having a podcast — you get to have the carte blanche to share stories and processes.

Legend Hotel — an upscale airport hotel, part of Curio Collection by Hilton opened its doors in 2018 and, by so doing, became Hilton’s Worldwide 1st to the city of Lagos.

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Source: Legend Hotel Lagos Airport Instagram

So, you understand just why I was curious to know more about this place. And Mr. Idoko was just the right person to talk to, as he’s responsible for the day-to-day running of the hotel. Touted as the first Nigerian General Manager in an International Brand in Africa, Mr. Peter has blazed some trails in hotel operations across Africa!

For my two-night stay, I decided to plan it towards my last two days in Lagos to ease my transition out of the country — because Lagos traffic can be quite monstrous, and I certainly did not want to miss my flight. The airport is located three minutes from Murtala Muhammed International Airport and less than five mins from the local airport; it’s unbelievable, right?!

So the deal was sealed, and I checked in to the hotel as planned. And it was just what I needed — a way to give back to myself after the stress of Lagos from my month-long holiday. Checking-in was smooth. My bags had to go in through airport-like scanners, per FAA regulations, I think. But this process was quick and hassle-free.

Once this was done, I made my way through the revolving doors to behold the vastness of the lobby — with good floor-to-ceiling ratio and enough eye-popping arts to bring out the art connoisseur in you. I even recognized one of the art pieces as Dotun Popo’s Irinola (the dog). I love that the hotel is inclusive in showcasing works from local, renowned talent.

I got one of the staff to help me get my luggage upstairs, and they were super friendly about it. The hotel has four floors; my room was on the 2nd, which also happened to house the gym, bar, and pool. And the elevators are nicely located within the lobby with see-through glass.

I also took a tour of the hotel, especially to the Penthouse Suit, to see more luxury. This room boasts of a see-through view of the outside and its own jacuzzi and so much more. If you are on business, the hotel has a choice of flexible boardrooms equipped with A/V needs for planning your executive meetings.

And Sweet Baby Jesus cruising in a purple Cadillac, I was super stoked to have a room with THE VIEW! Here’s why? See, one of the unique things about this hotel is the private jets parked outside on its tarmac. I have lived more than three decades on this terrestrial plane, traveled to more than a dozen countries, and over 100 cities, and I had to go back full-circle to the Motherland to be at a restraining-order distance between them jets and me. Yeah, so that was really inspirational, seeing that I am an upcoming pre-billionaire and all.

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Close but so far away

And it’s not just not all. If perhaps, you happen to own a private jet — first, let’s be friends and business partners first. You can actually use the hotel’s services for your onboarding processes and security check boasting options like Immigration, SSS, NDLEA, and Customs clearance. I am yet to see ANY hotel offer such services in Nigeria. That said, private jet owners (seriously, holla at me) can arrive in style and saunter cooly from the hotel into the apron — talk about a convenient, sweet spot for any air traveler entering or exiting Lagos!

I stayed in a suite with a king bed, which was equipped with a bathtub and walk-in shower. You can check out my short YouTube video here to catch a glimpse of the room.

In saving the best for the last, I will now share my dining experience. On my first night, I ordered from the menu and did room service. I was most especially thankful for the fruit salad and the pepper soup. For breakfast, I made my way to the first floor to their restaurant called De Bull, where a shot of green juice warmly greeted me. The result is open for longer hours, and they serve Nigerian and continental cuisine. You also get a good view of the tarmac when you dine here. I could not get enough of the fruits and vegetables because the latter notably had been missing in my meals while in Nigeria (we consume too much rice)!

There is an indoor pool on the second floor, which boasts of a steam room as well. The poolside has a terrace also has a bar where you can order smoothies, drinks, signature cocktails, sandwiches, and coffee.

Another thing I was especially thankful for was the speed and constancy of the Wi-Fi. Although I was wearing a fake one during this trip, I was tempted many times to pull my hair at the injustice I experienced firsthand with ISPs in Lagos and their slow, unreliable network. The best Wi-Fi experience I had during my stay was hands-down at this hotel. Being here added extra comfort to “working from home.”

And when it was really time to go home, I made it to the airport in less than 10 minutes — that’s record-breaking to get anywhere in Lagos! For a relatively low fee, I used the hotel’s chauffeur services, which really saved me a lot of time and hassle.

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Source: Legend Hotel Lagos Airport Instagram

All told, I love this hotel. It’s really a breath of fresh air from the madness of Lagos. I do really feel so much at home here so much so that work came back naturally. I highly recommend this place to anyone visiting or staying in Lagos and want to languish in style and comfort. This hotel is a gem and a perfect refuge, not only for international travelers or anyone in transit but also for those seeking a respite from the hustle and bustle of Lagos. Go on, treat yourself. Like a Legend!

Wanna book your stay at the hotel? Book here. You can also follow them on Instagram: @legendhotellagosairport; Facebook: @legendhotellagosairport; and Twitter: @legendhotel_LOS

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