This was a really good piece; I really enjoyed reading it. Love how your story emphasized the “same-same, but different” concept, that is attributive of the TCK life. Also, thanks for infusing the vulnerability that it takes in embracing ones multiculturalism. Don’t think I’ve highlighted any article on this medium (no pun intended) as much as I did yours — it was that interesting to read. I’d really love to have you on my show to explore more about you and also share your story.

I am a podcast host at The More Sibyl Podcast, it’s a show for culture and cultural nomads designed for Blacks and Asians and those who love them. I’ve got more than 25 episodes exploring stories from people around the world — please check out

Here’s another reason — I am also a UT alum! Go horns 🤘. I also speak Korean (I shamelessly added this part, even though it’s neither here nor there, cuz you talked about teaching in Japan). Oh, and I am Nigerian too! Enough of my fangirling, haha.

I hope to connect with you!


IG, Twitter — @Mosibyl


/모/ Mo!

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I'm ME: replete with the mien of a bard, scholar, Argonaut, Jesus-lover, funfinder, bibliophile, Koreanophile, partner, and wanderer!

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