When the Darkness Comes

I had an overwhelming feeling of sadness yesterday; it was almost like all the residual effects of the moments I never mourned or had closure on came upon me at once. This sad feeling, like a warm breath of putrid garlic, cloaked me and almost crippled my functionality. I bided time by concentrating on other things but as a child screaming in the open place, I couldn’t ignore it. It demanded my attention and it wanted it NOW.

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For his anger lasts only a moment, but his favor lasts a lifetime!
Weeping may last through the night, but joy comes with the morning
(Psalm 30:5, NLT) — See more at: http://lifevesting.com/blog/2012/10/17/when-darkness-comes/#sthash.P6lGjjJn.dpuf

Coincidentally, my friend buzzed me on Whatsapp to check up on me. She casually asked how I was and as I was about casually replying by saying “I am fine,” but I retreated and told her that I wasn’t fine and that I was feeling sad (I cannot remember the last time I labeled my emotion as ‘sad’). Thankfully, she was receptive to my emotion and didn’t brush it aside awkwardly. She insisted I come over to have dinner with her and her husband and wouldn’t have “no” for an answer.

Thus, I made the 100-ft journey (literally, as she lives adjacent to me) to her house where I had a Nicaraguan-style dinner replete with spirits and tasteful desserts. Further, the company made me feel lighter, and I was finally able to label the source of my emotional distress.

What I am saying, in essence, is that it’s OK not to be OK sometimes.

Also, when you find people (or in my case, good friendly neighbors/neighborly friends) who care enough to listen to you, and you can be vulnerable with, be thankful for them and use your resources wisely.

I am thankful for these and I, in no infinitesimal degree, take this camaraderie for granted. Thanks to every one of you who add light to my life, especially when the darkness takes over. I can only hope that I, in turn, can add more light and flavor to your lives when the darkness comes.

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I'm ME: replete with the mien of a bard, scholar, Argonaut, Jesus-lover, funfinder, bibliophile, Koreanophile, partner, and wanderer! Podcaster:www.mosibyl.com

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