Birds flocking away toward their resting place

The sun is about to be tucked nicely away

The ocean billows softly as the night light appear to come on

It’s at times like these that I think about you

Or rather what could have been of us?

Tonight, again, will go on without you

Like an empty bottle drifting out to sea

I will toss and turn and get lost in the vastness of my dreams

I wish I could make things different

I wish I could say that I would change

By now, you are no fool to believe any of this

By now, you know how change is hard for me

If my heart wasn’t such a marketplace,

Maybe you wouldn’t always feel so lost

And if your heart wasn’t such a trampoline

I wouldn’t have felt so shuttered in.

Written by

I'm ME: replete with the mien of a bard, scholar, Argonaut, Jesus-lover, funfinder, bibliophile, Koreanophile, partner, and wanderer!

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